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Buying Property

CB Properties is a licensed broker with in-house agents here to assist you to grow your investment portfolio. These agents are active Real Estate Investors and have closed over 1,000 investor real estate transactions. Their industry experience as not only investors, but rehabbers, house flippers and private lending gives you the expertise you need on the front end for your long term success.

What can our agents do for you?

  • Using their experience as investors, consult with you to put together your investment plan
  • Property selection to match your investment goals
  • Wider access to property by utilizing our industry connections to find off market deals
  • Provide short-term private lending solutions 
  • During the purchase process, provide an in-house Transaction Coordinator who will get you from contract to the close with ease
  • Utilizing our Property Management team of in-house labor and sub-contractors, provide rehab estimates if the home you are looking at needs a full-scale renovation or simple repairs
  • Post close, set you up with our Property Management 

Selling Property

CB Properties agent’s can get your property sold fast! We have several connections and relationships your typical Real Estate Agency does not have to get your property sold fast.

These include:

  • Through Memphis Turnkey, a weekly email blast to over 2,000 investors
  • Marketing to the 500+ (and growing) investors whose homes we currently manage
  • Our staff, in-house Realtors and owners are investors themselves; they may want to buy your home
  • Utilizing our relationship with other Turnkey Providers in Memphis who are always in acquisition mode
  • Marketing to homes within our local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association)
  • Connecting with our relationship with other local investors, nationwide affiliates and hedge funds
  • Large following on, the largest social media platform for Real Estate Investors

Renovation Services
Buying an Investment Property, especially off-market deals, often times will mean renovating the property. No worries, we are an are a licensed Home Improvement Contractor with over 15 year’s experience of turning a diamond in the rough into a property that a tenant is proud to call home. Through the management of over 850 homes, we leverage a high-volume work to secure most favored nations agreements with our sub-contractors that allows us to renovate your property at cost that smaller management companies and individual investors can’t secure. Also, we have in-house labor where we do not have to sub-contract many of the construction trades, which also saves our client’s money.