Why Choose CB Properties?

In 2008, our founders, Alex and Benolyn Craig, owned growing investment portfolios, but they weren’t satisfied with the property management solutions offered in Memphis.

So, they decided to do something about it.

Making a Difference In Property Management

After dealing with poor communication, questionable maintenance bills, poor property marketing, tenant underwriting, lack of care for their own personal investment portfolio, and overall poor customer service, Alex and Benolyn decided to start their own property management company and change the standard.

In 2010, Alex and Benolyn branched off to form CB Properties and have been raising the standard of property management for Memphis residents and investors worldwide.

Putting You First

After dealing with property management challenges and bad experiences, Alex and Benolyn Craig decided to build a property management company with client-centered values to provide the best investment experience.


More than 95% of our investors are located out of state, so we understand it’s a big commitment to entrust a local property manager with your investment home. We provide excellent communication in lots of ways, including:

  • Providing a single point of contact for customer service.
  • Returning all communications before we leave for the day.
  • Communicating all maintenance requests as they come in. This allows you to engage us if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Providing you with a 24-hour portal to check communications, expenses, rent payments, maintenance requests, invoices, and much more.
  • Providing you with an Investor Hotline phone number, almost guaranteeing you’ll get someone on the phone.
  • Providing you with a call schedule link to avoid phone tag with your Investor Relations Manager and make that call more efficient so as to be prepared to discuss your property.


Simply put, we want to be upfront with everything.

Lack of transparency can cost an investor huge sums of money over the lifetime of property ownership. You should never be caught off guard or surprised by maintenance costs or undisclosed fees on your monthly rental owner statement. Unfortunately, this happens all the time in our industry.

Here’s how we’re transparent with you:

  • Clearly defining all fees on your Property Management Agreement.
  • No Hidden Fees. Our charges are clearly laid out in our Property Management Agreement and broken out on our monthly rental owner statements.
  • Many PM companies mark up a vendor’s repair bill by creating their own invoice as if they completed the work, then add a maintenance fee too. We disclose the original vendor invoice, clearly showing the cost of their services, and do not mark up their bill.
  • Providing you with before and after pictures of all repair items.
  • Detailed break of your Rent Ready Estimate.
  • Want to know anything else? Just ask.


As investors ourselves, we know the impact of maintenance costs. We do our best to keep costs low for our property owners. Here’s how we keep costs down:

  • Working with vendors who agree to the Favored Nations pricing principle.
  • Leveraging our high volume of work to secure wholesale pricing from our vendors.
  • Passing along any material discounts we receive from our suppliers.
  • Working with direct labor is a huge way we save you money. As a licensed Home Renovation Contractor, we cut out the need to hire contractors and save you from their markups.
  • Buying items in bulk when we can.
  • Routinely look for improved efficiencies.

Company Milestones


Started as Coldwell Banker Property Management located at 6520 Stage Rd.


Started CB Properties and moved to 4511 Summer Ave.


Moved to central business hub Poplar/240 corridor of East Memphis at 5545 Murray Rd., occupying 1,000 sq. ft.


100 properties under management


Expanded the Murray Rd. office to 1,400 sq. ft.


250 properties under management


Moved two blocks over to 1060 Brookfield Rd., occupying the first floor of 2,730 sq. ft.


CB Properties becomes an independent brokerage with Benolyn Craig as a broker, allowing us to serve the needs of our real estate clients better


500 properties under management


Purchased our building, occupying all 5,460 sq. ft.


Hired three agents to work exclusively with investors to meet their real estate needs


750 properties under management


Finished the building renovation positioning us for further growth and serving our tenants and clients better


850 properties under management


Closed our 1,500th real estate transaction