In 2008, founders Alex and Benolyn Craig were not satisfied with the Property Management solutions offered in Memphis for management of their growing portfolio.

The lack of communication, questionable maintenance bills, poor property marketing and tenant underwriting, lack of empathy for their properties and overall poor customer service by their property managers made the decision to start their own Property Management Company an easy one. It was not hard to establish basic principles to start their company as they simply learned what a bad property manager does and how it affects your real estate portfolio. Utilizing those experiences along with Alex’s degree in Education and corporate experience as Client Relations and Marketing Communications Manager for a worldwide manufacture and Benolyn’s background with an Accounting Degree and working professionally for a large actuary firm, helped build the foundation of the company.

CB Properties originally started out as Coldwell Banker Property Management in Bartlett, TN as a in-house management for the local branch of the Nationwide Coldwell Banker Real Estate brand. It did not take long for both Alex and Benolyn to make a name for themselves on a Nationwide platform to start buying, selling and proving excellent Property Management for their clients. In 2010, they branched off on their own and formed CB Properties.

Company Milestones

2009 Started as Coldwell Banker Property Management located at 6520 Stage Rd

2010 Started CB Properties and moved to 4511 Summer Ave

2011 Moved to main business hub Poplar/240 corridor of East Memphis at 5545 Murray Rd occupying 1,000 sq ft

2011 100 properties under management

2012 Expanded the Murray Rd office to 1,400 sq ft

2014 250 Properties under management

2014 Moved 2 blocks over to 1060 Brookfield Rd, occupying the first floor of 2,730 sq. ft

2017 CB Properties becomes their own Brokerage with Benolyn Craig as Broker. This allowed us to better serve the needs of our real estate clients

2017 500 properties under management

2018 Purchased our building, thus occupying all 5,460 sq ft

2018 Hired our 3 agents to work exclusively with investors to meet their real estate needs

2019 750 properties under management

2019 Finished the building renovation positioning us for further growth and to better serve our tenants and clients