Frank Malvezzi

              Affiliate Broker:               Turnkey Acquisitions (2018)

Frank Malvezzi is the Acquisitions Manager for Memphis Turnkey, and he’s been a part of the team for over a year. In that time, Frank has facilitated with approximately 80 purchases in the Memphis area. His job is to locate and negotiate deals for the company. Frank has close to 30 years experience in the Memphis Real Estate Market, as a buyer, agent and landlord. He’s lived in Memphis all of his life, except for four years when he attended Auburn University. He enjoys the negotiation process to procure property for the company, as well as the people he works with. In his spare time, Frank enjoys spending time with his wife and 11-year old son. He also enjoys sports of all kinds, and playing a round or two of golf when he has a chance. But his favorite hobby is shooting hoops with his son!