About CB Properties

Memphis based, family owned since 2009 

CB Properties is a property management company that takes pride in providing excellent service to both investors and tenants.

We currently manage more than 550 homes, with a focus on single-family houses, duplexes, and small apartment units. As a partner to Memphis Turnkey Properties, owned by the same family, we bring proven expertise and best practices throughout the entire life cycle of the real estate investment. Our goal is to provide the best customer service with consistent communication and competitive costs to help maximize your investment potential.

Core Values

At CB Properties, we focus on the investor and how to make your portfolio most profitable. To achieve this, we uphold core values throughout our everyday operations.

As more than 98% of our investors are located out-of-state, we understand that entrusting a local property manager with your investment home is a big commitment. Clear and timely communication sustains this trust. We return all calls, emails, or any other forms of communication within 24 hours of receipt. We make it easy for investors to communicate with us through the instant message feature of our property management software, Propertyware. We recommend that all investors contact the office in this way, as it results in the quickest response times and messages will always be saved in the portal’s communication history.

Simply put, we want to be upfront with everything we do. Investors should never be caught off-guard or surprised by a monthly statement. We offer investors, local and out-of-state alike, transparency and peace of mind through our online portal. We communicate all maintenance requests through our online portal and we require all vendors to send photos of work conducted to be uploaded. We also upload all paid invoices so investors can easily review bills on the portal, including a breakdown of the time and work done.

Profitability through Growth, Not at the Expense of our Investors:
We understand that our clients must be profitable—otherwise, there is no point in owning rental property. We do our best to keep costs low for all investors. Through pre-negotiated rates and a favored nations pricing policy we get deeply discounted rates from our vendors. For example, our average three-ton furnace install costs $1,300. To a consumer in Memphis, this could easily cost $3,000 to $4,000. We keep our vendors accountable by requiring them to operate on their own tab if the issue is not repaired correctly the first time.

Management for Investors, by Investors:
As investors ourselves, we know what poor management decisions can do for a property’s cash flow. CB Properties not only has a portfolio of homes, but some of our staff members own property. We feel it important that your management staff not only have experience through their day-to-day role within the company, but real experience as an investor.




We love our clients

Our clients are the lifeblood of CB Properties. Once a month we single one out and ask why they chose us and what makes them stick around.

1060 Brookfield, Memphis, TN 38119

(901) 620-6787